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You may be an avid cafe-hopper, or you may just be curious about coffee. Either way, you would love to dive deeper into the world of coffee, and experience the full sensory journeys it can bring. And we say, why not? :) From what we can tell, you're a fan of dark and bold flavours, so that might be a good place to start.

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MYO Lite - Dark & Bold

From $9.90


MYO Lite is an easy way to get into specialty coffee. Each shipment is 135g (approx 9 cups) of coffee, which is easy to finish and ensures no wastage. Expect to receive fruity and bright coffees, tailored to your tastebuds, from a variety of origins that you'd find in any respectable specialty cafe.


Fully customise how you wish to receive your coffee at checkout: Whole beans or Ground (you can specify the grind size).

Subscribe from now till 30 June 2020 to enjoy 50% off your first shipment! (Coupon will be applied at checkout.)

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