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30% OFF for September - enter 'PROMO30' at checkout

30% OFF for September - enter 'PROMO30' at checkout

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    Coffee Gear

    At MYO, we believe the process is every bit as important as the end. 
    Enjoy brewing great coffee with our thoughtful selection of beautiful and functional coffee gear.

    Staff Pick: Yield Design


    "YIELD takes morning coffee to a new level of elegance and sophistication." —Forbes Magazine


    Yield's coffee gear doesn't just look good. The contemporary and sleek design is backed up with high functionality. Made from heatproof borosilicate glass, these wares protect your hands from scalding, and help keep temperature steady during the brewing process.


    Yield's philosophy of delivering ethically produced goods also dovetails with MYO's belief in reducing our carbon footprint where possible. You'll be pleased to know that this line of products does not use plastic anywhere.